Meet Georgia Ella


Natural Health Specialist - Homeopath

Georgia is a registered Homeopath, who graduated with excellence in all four years of study with The College of Natural Health & Homeopathy in Auckland in 2016.

Georgia believes in living life to the fullest, embracing the highs and lows with love and kindness to self and others. Georgia believes in our own body’s innate healing abilities, she understands we live in a fast paced, high stress environment which makes looking after ourselves really important. Homeopathy can assist you with more tools on your journey to living a grateful, healthy & happy life.

Homeopathy was the first point of call for illness in her family home, alongside good nutrition, positive intention and natural remedies. This is what inspired Georgia to learn more about working together with mother nature’s elements to live well. This led to an early understanding of how to support the body in the healing process without always having to resort to harmful treatments and medications.

Georgia believes the mind, body, soul and spirit are all connected – therefore a holistic approach to health and wellness is key to a healthy life. Understanding what disease is for each individual, what their unique expression of symptoms are, including the essence of who they are is important in supporting the individual on their journey.

Georgia is a yogi, nature lover, foodie and a curious wanderer. Through her naturally curious mind and excitement for natural holistic health care has led Georgia to explore Homeopathy further. She now gets to empower and hold space to facilitate healing for people – which she loves. Georgia is here to spread the passion, awareness & healing benefits of Homeopathy.